Ralph Mothwurf Orchestra

The „Ralph Mothwurf Orchester“ (RMO) is a 22-piece ensemble composed of high-profile instrumentalists rooted both in Jazz and Contemporary Music. Its musical interest lies in merging the traditions of contemporary Modernism and Jazz. The compositions, consequently, put together a soundscape keen on coherence and full of regard for both worlds. The pieces could be conceived of as high-voltage instrumental music with great improvisational forms. Crucial in putting together the ensemble was a considerable percentage of female instrumentalists in addition to balancing long-established with young professionals. Eight pieces written for and performed by the RMO were recorded in 2019 and released on the label „Edition Ö1 – Contemporary Jazz“ in December 2020. Album: „ZELT“.

Ralph Mothwurf (Conductor, Composition) / Maria Holzeis-Augustin, Benjamin Tabatabai (Flute) / Vincen Pongracz, Christopher Haritzer (Clarinet) / Astrid Wiesinger, Anna Tsombanis, Vicy Pfeil (Saxophone) / Birgit Eibisberger, Laila Schubert (Horn) / Christian Hollensteiner (Lead Tumpet) / Martin Eberle, Markus Pechmann (Trumpet) / Tobias Ennemoser (Tuba) / Irena Manolova, Tobias Meissl (Malletts) / Peter Rom (Guitar) / Mike Tiefenbacher (Keyboards) / Tobias Vedovelli (Bass) / Valentin Duit (Drums) / Clemens Hofer, Georg Schrattenholzer (Trombone)

„Yasmo & Die Klangkantine“ is a contemporary symbiosis of Hip Hop and Jazz, reflecting both critically and empathetically on society. 2018 the project was nominated for the „Amadeus Austrian Music Award“ in the category „Hip Hop/Urban“. 2019 „Yasmo & Die Klangkantine“ released their second studio album called „Prekariat Und Karat“ and were nominated in the category „Best singer/songwriter“ as well as for the FM4 award.

Yasmin Hafedh (Vocals) / Ralph Mothwurf (Composition, Guitar, Musical Director) / Tobias Vedovelli (Composition, Bass) / Benjamin Daxbacher (Alto Saxophone, Flute) / Andreas Lindenbauer (Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet) / Markus Pechmann (Trumpet) / Georg Schrattenholzer (Trombone) / Anna Maurer (Piano, Keyboards) / (Reinhard Hörschläger (Drums)