Ralph Mothwurf Orchestra

The „Ralph Mothwurf Orchester“ (RMO) is a 22-piece ensemble composed of high-profile instrumentalists rooted both in Jazz and Contemporary Music. Its musical interest lies in merging the traditions of contemporary Modernism and Jazz. The compositions, consequently, put together a soundscape keen on coherence and full of regard for both worlds. The pieces could be conceived of as high-voltage instrumental music with great improvisational forms. Crucial in putting together the ensemble was a considerable percentage of female instrumentalists in addition to balancing long-established with young professionals. Eight pieces written for and performed by the RMO were recorded in 2019 and released on the label „Edition Ö1 – Contemporary Jazz“ in December 2020. Album: „ZELT“.

Ralph Mothwurf (Conductor, Composition) / Maria Holzeis-Augustin, Benjamin Tabatabai (Flute) / Vincen Pongracz, Christopher Haritzer (Clarinet) / Astrid Wiesinger, Anna Tsombanis, Vicy Pfeil (Saxophone) / Birgit Eibisberger, Laila Schubert (Horn) / Christian Hollensteiner (Lead Tumpet) / Martin Eberle, Markus Pechmann (Trumpet) / Tobias Ennemoser (Tuba) / Irena Manolova, Tobias Meissl (Malletts) / Peter Rom (Guitar) / Mike Tiefenbacher (Keyboards) / Tobias Vedovelli (Bass) / Valentin Duit (Drums) / Clemens Hofer, Georg Schrattenholzer (Trombone)

„Yasmo & Die Klangkantine“ is a contemporary symbiosis of Hip Hop and Jazz, reflecting both critically and empathetically on society. 2018 the project was nominated for the „Amadeus Austrian Music Award“ in the category „Hip Hop/Urban“. 2019 „Yasmo & Die Klangkantine“ released their second studio album called „Prekariat Und Karat“ and were nominated in the category „Best singer/songwriter“ as well as for the FM4 award.

Yasmin Hafedh (Vocals) / Ralph Mothwurf (Composition, Guitar, Musical Director) / Tobias Vedovelli (Composition, Bass) / Benjamin Daxbacher (Alto Saxophone, Flute) / Andreas Lindenbauer (Tenor Saxophone, Bass Clarinet) / Markus Pechmann (Trumpet) / Georg Schrattenholzer (Trombone) / Anna Maurer (Piano, Keyboards) / (Reinhard Hörschläger (Drums)


Movement theatre by Dschungel Wien and Emmy Steiner. Pip wants to move. Pip feels the energy lying dormant inside. Pip wakes up, shrinks, changes colour and shape. Pip becomes angular. Pip takes courage. Pip discovers the world.

AWARDS: TRY OUT!/artists-in-residence-competition 2018 (Winner) / STELLA-Darstellender. Kunst. Preis für junges Publikum:
Outstanding performative achievement (Winner) / Outstanding production for children (Nominee)

Emmy Steiner (Concept, choreography, performance) / Martina Rösler (choreographic consultalt) / Ralph Mothwurf (Dramaturgic consultant) / Sabina Holzer (Artistic consultant) / Heike Kovacs (Costume)